The Council

Rogiet Community Council is the minor authority that represents local views and liaises with Monmouthshire County Council, which in turn relates to the Welsh Assembly Government. The Community Council are allotted 11 councillors to represent the residents of Rogiet (at present there are 3 vacancies). Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Village Sports Pavilion, off Westway. These are open meetings and members of the public are very welcome to attend and participate in the public forum, when they can raise local issues or listen to proceedings for the remainder of the meeting.

Members of the public can request a matter of local concern which they consider needs discussion or action, to be place on the agenda by contact the clerk at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Monthly police reports are received at each meeting and the Clerk liaises frequently with them on any issues of concern. 

The Council has a limited budget which is used to fund local amenities e.g. Village Sports Pavilion, Playing Fields, footpaths, the multi-use games area, grass cutting and summer planting of roundabouts and wild flower verges. It also makes donations towards the maintenance of the churchyards, the Caldicot Leisure Centre Summer Play-scheme and the Youth Club. In addition, representation can be made by the community to seek limited financial assistance towards 'one-off' projects.

All planning applications are brought before the Council who are invited by the Planning Authority to give its comments and observations from a local perspective. The Planning Authority is the decision making body, and the Community Council can only make recommendations.

The Community of Rogiet has one representative on the Monmouthshire County Council who acts as a link with the County Council for all local issues.