Westway Play Park Upgrade

Published: 21 April 2021

You might have noticed some new play equipment being installed in our village play park. This is the happy conclusion of a project to improve facilities for our youngest residents. Following a tendering process and then a decision taken by us on 9 Dec 2020, we purchased from HAGS UK a total of eight new pieces of equipment. We also commissioned Monmouthshire County Council to install the new equipment for us and that process is currently underway. We hope the work will be completed over the next two weeks. The total investment on this improvement (i.e. purchase plus installation) is around £25,000.

Here is a list and photos of the new play items you can expect to see soon:

Multi-Play Unit, Station Ticket Shop, Gare Du Nord Train, Medium Cabasa, Mini Shaker Play Panel, Pull Up Rope (already installed), Scramble Net (already installed), Turtle 4-Way Springer (the base for this one is installed).








Future improvements:

We are now looking at providing some new outdoor gym equipment for older children and adults. We have earmarked a further £25,000 for this purpose; and a tendering process is now underway. Watch this space!